Equestrian Medical Safety Association

  • Equestrian Rider Safety

    Driving Safety

    At home, in competition or on the road.
  • Cross Country Equestrian Competition

    Equestrian Competition Safety

    In all horse sports.
  • Equestrian Trail Riding

    Trail Riding Safety

    Preparedness and Enjoyment
  • Equestrian Lacrosse Competition

    Team Competition Safety

    Training and Practice
  • Horse Heat Safety

    Accident and Injury Prevention

    Managing Horse and Human Health
  • Equine Competition

    Youth and Horses Safety

    Developing the unique bond between youth and horses.

Equestrian Medical Safety Association

The Equestrian Medical Safety Association (EMSA) is dedicated to the philosophy, principles
and application of safety and accident prevention prevention in horse activities. This purpose is
achieved through education, research and information resources.

How Can I Get Involved?

Educate anyone involved in equine pursuits with emphasis on public awareness. We provide information about risk reduction and accident prevention.
Research review to better define injury patterns & risks, efficacy of safety measures and equipment and assistance in equipment design.
Assistance resource, through knowledge & experience, to those who have suffered injury and disability in equestrian activities.
Directory of Lay Articles, Newsletters, Scientific Articles and Videos. Submit an article today!
Our membership is made up of physicians, nurses and medical technicians, first responders and Emergency Medical Service professionals as well as horse people interested in safety and accident prevention.
Who are you going to call when you need (Information that might be of use seeking assistance in this zip code)?

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