Equestrian Medical Safety Association


February 2014

Watch Your Back – On Foot In Arenas

Our Team Member Jeffray Ryding relates that there is a first time for every accident and offers this  experience to help others prevent one. 61 years with horses and there is always a first. I have spent long hours in warm-up arenas North, South, East, and West always somewhat...

Concussion Awareness Legislation

Those working on helmets, certification and TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) are following states attempts to introduce legislation about concussion education. Recent legislation related to “Concussion Awareness and Education Act of 2014,” was introduced by Rep. Beatty (D-OH) on Jan...

Fireproof Your Barn

Rusty Lowe, moderator of the Medical and EMS Members’ Forum and Executive Officer or the Hoover County Fire Department sent these 12 tips for Fireproofing Your Barn for reducing barn fire threat. The tips focus on the importance of planning and preparation from Stable...