Equestrian Medical Safety Association


April 2014

Good Parenting Helps Youth to be Safe and Successful

There is often concern about kids being pushed too hard. As youthful bodies and minds develop it is hard for them to know how much is too much until they have gone beyond that point. For the blossoming athlete being sidelined by injury is a great disappointment. Riders learn this...

Are Air Vests Better Than Traditional Safety Vests

There is a discussion about air vests starting on the EMS and Medical Forum. This is a welcomed exchange among those first responders and what they are seeing in the field. Their many experiences dealing with the vests, removal/deflation and case report efficacy will aid in...

CT Court Ruling’s Impact

Kim Brown on the Stable Management blog has posted a an attorney’s opinion about the practical impact of the ruling from the CT Supreme Court in our April 9th blog. While at the moment the ruling only applies in CT, attorney Milton C. Toby identifies the salient factors...