Equestrian Medical Safety Association


May 2014

Summer Heat Raises Dehydration

As Memorial Day is often considered the unofficial start to summer and temperatures are rising across the country, issues of heat related illnesses for riders return to our thinking. Drs. Stanitski’s spring blog and  Horse Persons’ Forum discussed reasons for...

Why Wear A Helmet?

From the perspective of a number of equestrian worlds (e.g. endurance, dressage, driving, eventing, hunter/jumper, youth bull riding and some rodeo events) the data combined with increasing knowledge about and awareness of closed head injuries seem to have brought riders to a...

Badminton’s Risk Reduction Process

International event rider Ian Stark in a documentary produced by the World Horse Welfare discusses the safety improvements based on FEI research. The three-time Badminton winner knows first hand the effort that has gone into risk reduction in the world of eventing. While most EMS...