Equestrian Medical Safety Association


July 2014

Connecticut law update

A  previous ruling in  Connecticut stemming from a civil court case of a toddler who was bitten by a horse and the subsequent assessment that horses were a “species naturally inclined to do mischief or be vicious” which sparked a huge controversy and multiple comments...

Helmet Legislation Resubmission

  H.R. 4552 Christen O’Donnell Equestrian Safety Helmet Act of 2013               This is the reintroduction of a previously defeated bill by Congressman Jim Hines (D-Connecticut).  The entirety of the bill is available to read at...

Newsletter and Risk Taking Attitudes Video

The most recent Newsletter focusing on tipping points in helmet use is available. Many competitions associated with the US Equestrian Federation have passed rules requiring helmet (with fastened chin strap) use at all times when a rider is mounted. Many organizations are pushing...