Equestrian Medical Safety Association


October 2014

Eldon Reyer to Speek at Annual Meeting

Renowned horseman, park ranger and fire and evacuation planner, Eldon Reyer  will speak at the EMSA meeting held in conjunction with the US Eventing Association Convention in Fort Worth, TX on December 6, 2014 at 8:30 am. His topic is Equine Long Range Disaster/Emergency...

Progress toward anti-concussion helmet

For the last half dozen years researchers have been working on riding helmets that are anti-concussion specific rather than a helmet that is designed to reduce risk in one catastrophic incident (which is the manufacture standard in  place today). As recognition that several small...

Disaster Planning Newsletter

Over the last decade North Americans have witnessed several natural disasters, hurricanes, wild fires, tornado and floods where there was enormous devastation. Many  of us felt helpless as stables, private barns and prairies were destroyed as was the livestock on them. For horse...