Equestrian Medical Safety Association


January 2015

Alturnative Sideline Concussion Screening Tool

USA Today 1/28/15 contained an article entitled “NFL not using easy concussion test” raises awareness of a concussion screening tool that may be practical to horse sports. It is a relatively new, well researched, objective sideline test, the King-Devick Test. This...

Helmet Safety Takes Backseat to Appearence – Again

Neil Clarkson’s blog in horsetalk.co.nz looked at a scientific article concerning criteria for helmet selection among polo players. Although safety certification is a requirement of helmet use in British polo, it was not the most important factor in helmet selection;...

FAll 2014 Newsletter Posted in December

The 2014 Fall Newsletter contains contains an excellent article on Trail Riding Safety from the good folks at the American Competitive Trail Horse Assn as the first of many articles from that organization. It covers trailering, riding, clothing and equipment to consider. We look...