Equestrian Medical Safety Association



Summer Newsletter Focuses on Heat Problems

In the mist of blasting summer weather EMSA’s Newsletter looks at ways to prepare for, hydrate and cool to avoid heat related illness during strenuous exercise with horses. There is solid scientific and medical information about preparation, training and acclimatization  when you...

Equestrian Medical Safety Association Winter Newsletter

After a mild start to winter, the EMSA’s Newsletter with its Winter Weather Plan Including Horses was published just before the blizzard of record hit the central Atlantic states. There are helpful tips for preparing, enduring and recovering from winter storms. One thing is...

Equestrian Helmet Manufacturer Charles Owen Winner of Head Health Challenge Award

Charles Owen is one of 5 winners of the Head Health Challenge III. This is part of the larger Head Health Initiative, a four-year, $60 million collaboration between GE and the NFL, it is one of three open innovation challenges to invest up to $20 million in research and...