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Equestrian Injuries: incidence, injury patterns, and risk factors for 10 year of major traumatic injuries

Chad G. Ball, Andrew W. Kirkpatrick, Robert H. Mulloy

Power point summary of Traumatic Brain Injury Facts

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Therapeutic Drugs - What to Avoid With Athletes

John M Henderson, Clinical Sports Medicine, vol 17, 2, p 229-243

Common medications impact on athletes - Abstract

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Tetnus & Skin Issues

EMSA Newsletter, CDC source

Common skin infections athletes should be on the lookout for

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Tetanus Prevention

Lori De Milto

Addressees Tetanus, a common and preventable disease related to farm land

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Parents And Coaches Guide to Dehydration and Other Heat Illnesses in Children

National Athletic Trainers Assn, 2003

Guidelines for parents and coaches of children who play sports or are physically active in hot weather

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Parenting Competitive Athletes

Keith Cronin, Physician and Sports Medicine

Suggestions for parents of competitive athletes

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Helmet Study: Risk Patterns for Major Traumatic Injury

Presentation of 10 year study, Paige Silva

Identification of head injury and risk factors in horse accidents. To encourage the use if helmets to prevent as much head injury as possible.

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Good Parenting Helps With Safe Competing

Keith Cronin

Parenting athletes

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First Aid For Horse Wounds

Equus Magazine EMSA News

First aid for horse wounds


Equestrian Rehabilitation, Ten year study of functional outcomes

Journal of Trauma Management and Outcomes, Jill Ball, Chad Ball, Robert Mulloy, Indraneel Datta, Andrew Kirkpatrick 2009

Integral impact of rehabilitation therapy in recovery from horse riding accidents

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Displaying 91 - 100 of 104 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11