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Board of Directors

Rusty Lowe, NRP


  • Popular Press Article

Therapeutic Drugs - What to Avoid With Athletes

John M Henderson, Clinical Sports Medicine, vol 17, 2, p 229-243

Common medications impact on athletes - Abstract

  • Scientific Article

The Helmet Discussion: Have we reached a tipping point?

Dr. Debbie Stanitski

A discussion of the history of helmet use and finally requirements.

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New Research Shows Helmets Can Retain High Performance for Decades

extensive helmet testing

helmet testing

  • Popular Press Article

Metformin Activates an Atypical PKC-CBP Pathway
to Promote Neurogenesis
and Enhance Spatial Memory Formation

Jing Wang et al., Cell Stem Cell vol. 11, pp. 23-35, July 2012

Cell biology and spatial memory.

  • Scientific Article

Board of Directors: Selena Lucas

Selena Lucas


  • Popular Press Article

NEISS 2007 Horse Related Emergency Room Admissions Head Injury


Injury Statistics

  • Statistics Article

President's Letter

Deborah F. Stanitski, MD; EMSA newsletter; Summer 2014

Focus on disaster preparation for horse owners.

  • Popular Press Article

Evaluation of safety vests: Health and safety in Australian racing

Rural Industries Research and Development Corp. Australian Government April 2014 RIRDC Publication No. 14/037

Results of a self-report survey of jockey’s opinions, satisfaction with and preferences of mandated safety vests.

  • Scientific Article

When Can My Child Ride A Horse


Basic information about age and riding

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