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May 1996 Newsletter

May 1996, Vol. VI, Number 2

Vaulting Safety and the Use of Protective Headgear, Peripheral Vision and Helmets, 1995 U.S. Pony Club Accident Study, More on Deer Whistles, New Mexico Equestrian Helmet and Safety Training Project, Grading Scale for Concussion in Sports, Colorado Medical Society (Revised May 1991), North American Horsemen's Association Bodily Injury Damage Statistics Report January 1, 1992 through December 31, 1995

May 1994 Newsletter

May 1994 (Volume IV, No. 2)

Mouth and Tooth Protectors for Equestrians, Editorial Comment, The USCTA Safety Committee, The Development of Equestrian Helmet Standards, United States Pony Clubs: 1993 Accident Summary, Vigorous Head Nodding by a Rider

March 2002 Newsletter

March 2002, Vol. XIII, Number 1

A Change is in the Air, Editorial comment on special issue of Clinical Journal of Sports Medicine, United States Eventing Association (formerly USCTA) SAFETY COMMITTEE 2001 Report, Prompt Care for Brain Injury Results in Better Outcomes, CONGRATULATIONS CANADA, Protective Headgear, Who Cares About Safety Anyway? Keeping Youth Equestrian Safety Alive, Supplemental Comments: Neuro-ophthalmological Sequelae of Horse-related Accidents, Outstanding Equine Educator Recognized, (ST-38) Statement on Bicycle Safety and the Promotion of Bicycle Helmet Use

June 2002 Newsletter

June 2002, Vol. XIII, Number 2

Low-Level Falls Can Cause Greater Pediatric Brain Injury Than Previously Thought, ANIMAL RELATED DEATHS Vital Statistics 1995-1998 Centers of Disease Control 1999, Injury During Contact with Horses: Recent Experience with 75 patients at a Level I Trauma Center, LEGAL ISSUES PHYSICIAN’S HIDDEN LIABILITY

June 2001 Newsletter

June 2001, Vol. XII, Number 2

Insurance Hot Potato? Cowboy Hat to Hard Hats: A Wyoming Dude Ranch Makes a Change, Racing Highlight: It’s a protective helmet for Lukas these days, Alzheimer’s Disease and Head Injury, United States Pony Clubs Accident Report for 1999, Injury Prevention Strategies What can child safety advocates do?

June 2000 Newsletter

June 2000 (Volume XI, No. 2)

Women Appear to Suffer Worse Outcomes than Men, Editorial Comment: Instructors and Coaches, Horse-related Fatalities in Ohio 1990-1998, Jockey Injuries in the United States, Equestrian Acrobatics in the Adolescent, Horse-related Deaths in North Carolina, 1990-1999, Pediatric Horse-related Injuries in New Mexico, Eventing: The International Safety Committee Report, April 2000

February 2002 Newsletter

February 2000, Vol. XI, Number 1

New York Equestrian Helmet Legislation, Update: The Aurora, Ontario, Horse Riding Establishment By-law, What Is Good Riding? North American Horseman’s Association Awards Grant to AMEA, Rider Safety Video Available

February 1999 Newsletter

February 1999, Vol. X, Number 1

ASTM Standard for Body Protectors for use in Horse Sports and Horseback Riding, City of Plantation, Florida, Requires ASTM SEI helmet when riding on public property, Protective headgear in a commercial riding stable, Motor vehicle accidents with horses in British Columbia, Denny Emerson presented Ayer-Hammett Award

February 1998 Newsletter

February 1998, Vol. IX, Number 1


February 1997 Newsletter

February, 1997, Vol. VII, Number 1

Biomechanical Mechanism of Head Injury, AMEA Looks to Future Needs at Planning Meeting, Safety and the Bottom Line, Saddle Type May Influence Lower Back Pain, Riding Instructor Goals Develop Safe Environment Program, Goals Recommended for Instructors Markel Equestrian Safety Board

File Title Reference Description
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