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February 1995 Newsletter

February 1995, Vol. V, Number 1

Recreational Injuries 1990-1992 National Injury Surveillance System, Horse Related Fractures
National Electronic Injury Surveillance System Age and Gender, 1994 Update United States Pony Clubs Accident Study

February 1994 Newsletter

February, 1994, Vol. IV, Number 1

Health Care and the Horse Industry, Eastern Competitive Trail Ride Association Institutes Mandatory ASTM SEI Helmet Rule, Thoughts on Conducting Horseback Riding Injury Surveillance, Answers to Common Questions on Stinging Insect Allergy: Allergy and Asthma Medical Group and Research Center, NEISS Summary 1993, Osteoporosis and Equestriennes, Sports Injury Research

February 1993 Newsletter

February 1993, Vol. III, Number 1

Jockeys' Guild Leads the Way for Safety, United States Pony Clubs 1992 Accident Summary, Pro Rodeo Program: 1981-1990 Justin Injury Report, Low Back Pain During Horseback Riding

Fall 2009 Newsletter

Fall 2009 Vol. XXll No 3

Horse Related Hospital Emergency Room Admissions, 2008, Florida Legislature Passes Equestrian Helmet Law, Return to Play Guidelines for Concussed Child Athletes, Improving Safety of Young Equine Enthusiasts, Horse-related Human Injuries, Fit a Safety Vest, Inherent Risk in Horse Racing Safety equipment/personal protective equipment in the professional sport of Thoroughbred horse racing, Horse Related Hospital Emergency Room Admissions, 2008

Fall 2008 Newsletter

Fall 2008 Vol. XX No. 2

Eventing Safety: The Question of Rider Fitness, The Older Rider, Rider Development: The Core of Riding Safety

Fall 2007 Newsletter

Fall 2007 Vol XIX No 4

United States Equestrian Federation Forms Safety Task Force, Gender Differences to Susceptibility of Cervical Spine Injury and Concussion, Medical advisory committee created for the National Steeplechase Association, Humans and Horses Coping with and Training for Activity in the Heat

Fall 2006 Newsletter

Vol. XVIII No 3

Windy Ridge Riders Drill Team Doffs Cowboy Hats for Helmets, How to Construct w Well Rounded Conditioning Program, Carolina Fox Hunting, Non=fatal Horse related Injuries Treated in Emergency Departments in the United States, 2001-2003

Fall 2003 Newsletter

Vol. XV • Number 2

Guidelines for MEDICAL COVERAGE at Equestrian Events, USEA Safety Committee Report, Selecting a Safe Riding Instructor, Pattern of equestrian injuries presenting to a Sydney teaching hospital, Frangible Is it a real word? Dangers in Horseback Riding vs Hockey

Fall 2002 Newsletter

Volume XIII, No. 3

Profiling Equestrians Injured In "At Home" Riding Accidents: Part II, Pregnancy - To Ride or Not to Ride, Cardiac Complications from Chest Trauma, NATIONAL ELECTRONIC INJURY SURVEILLANCE SYSTEM (NEISS): Horse Related Injuries 2001, COMMENTARY ON PROPOSED HELMET LEGISLATION: SENATE 2681, DODD

December 2001 Newsletter

Volume XII, No. 4

Concussion Diagnosis and Management, Neuro-ophthalmological sequelae of horse-reIated accidents, NATIONAL ELECTRONIC INJURY SURVEILLENCE SYSTEM: Horse Related Injuries 2000, Chronicle Commentary: The ASTM Standard Really Works, Every time…Every Ride…

File Title Reference Description
Displaying 61 - 70 of 81 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9