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November 1997 Newsletter

November 1997 (Volume VIII, No. 3)

15-year Study of Rodeo Injuries, News of the AMEA , Safety Equipment Institute, Safety Summit, Development of Equestrian Sports Medicine, Helmet Life Span, Park Service Stable Concessionaires Survey, Horse-related Deaths, Sports-related Recurrent Brain Injuries, Management of Concussion

Autumn 2005 Newsletter

Vol XVII, 3

24-Stem Disaster Plan. Brief History of Helmet Use Rules in the US: Part II, Protect Your Horses, Use ICE, Importance of Wearing a Helmet, Safe Return to Play Guidelines, USEF Hurricane Relief Fund, Healing Invisible wounds: Caring for Yourself after Emotional Trauma

Winter 2012 Newsletter

Winter 2012, Vol. XXV, Number 1

3rd Riders4Helmets Helmet Safety Symposium Report, Safety Thought, Producers should use caution when first blanketing a horse, Grand Prix golden helmet makes waves, E.E.E.E. — Your Way to Risk Management, A Brief History of Jump Safety, Air vests and ‘hybrids’ The latest advances in body protection for equestrians, The New Face of Modern Jousting

March 2002 Newsletter

March 2002, Vol. XIII, Number 1

A Change is in the Air, Editorial comment on special issue of Clinical Journal of Sports Medicine, United States Eventing Association (formerly USCTA) SAFETY COMMITTEE 2001 Report, Prompt Care for Brain Injury Results in Better Outcomes, CONGRATULATIONS CANADA, Protective Headgear, Who Cares About Safety Anyway? Keeping Youth Equestrian Safety Alive, Supplemental Comments: Neuro-ophthalmological Sequelae of Horse-related Accidents, Outstanding Equine Educator Recognized, (ST-38) Statement on Bicycle Safety and the Promotion of Bicycle Helmet Use

Winter-Spring 2005-06 Newsletter

Winter – Spring 2005- 2006, Vol. XXVlll, Number 1

A New View: Bringing Sports Medicine to the Equestrian Athletes, “I’d Have Been Better Off With No Helmet” Reaching Out in California, Helmet Ratings and Prices, Drusilla E. Malavase Honored with
William F. Hulse Memorial Award, Recognizing a Stroke, Can I Borrow Your Horse? Kentucky Saddlebred Trainer Afflicted with Leukemia

February 1998 Newsletter

February 1998, Vol. IX, Number 1


Winter 2003 - 2004 Newsletter

Winter 2003 - 2004 Vol. XV No 3

AMEA Founder Honored by United States Pony Clubs, Horse Related Injuries and Deaths in Western Montana, PART III: Choosing a Riding Facility, Safety Seminar held at U.S. Equestrian Meeting

Winter 2002 Newsletter

Winter 2002 - 2003, Vol. XIV, Number 4

AMEA/SRF Convention 2002 Recap, Pat Comeford Ayer-Hammett Award, AMEA/SRF Hall of Fame: Executive Director’s Awards 2002, Profiling Equestrians Injured in “At Home” Riding Accidents: Part III, United States Pony Club Accident Report 2001, Putting the Rubber to the Road: Incorporating Safety Information into Youth Horse Programs, What Stands Between a Child and An Accident? UVM Equine Students Pilot Equestrian First Aid and Safety Program

Why is Equine Liability Insurance so Important?

Fall 2016 EMSA Newsletter

As a horse operations-farm owner and or equine professional, one of our worst fears is someone being seriously hurt, or killed as a result of some type of interaction with a horse. A liability policy is the best way to protect your hard earned assets and cover your equine liability exposures.

February 1999 Newsletter

February 1999, Vol. X, Number 1

ASTM Standard for Body Protectors for use in Horse Sports and Horseback Riding, City of Plantation, Florida, Requires ASTM SEI helmet when riding on public property, Protective headgear in a commercial riding stable, Motor vehicle accidents with horses in British Columbia, Denny Emerson presented Ayer-Hammett Award

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