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November 1998 Newsletter

November 1998, Vol. IX, Number 4

Injury in the Wilderness, Comparing Headgear, Drugs in Horse Activities, AAHS Brings Safety to Navajo Reservation, Equitation 1960 Jockey Injuries in 1997, USPC 1997 Accident Study, Rodeo Standard for Protective Helmets, Ten Legal Commandments, World Equestrian Games, 1998, Executive Secretary's Report, Return to AMEA Page

August 1998 Newsletter

August 1998, Vol. IX, Number 3

NEISS Horse Related Injuries, Sports Popularity, Equestrian Mortality, AMEA Annual Meeting, How About Riding Lessons? 4-H and Helmet Use, Equestrian Helmet Safety, Intracranial Hematoma, News Items

May 1997 Newsletter

May 1997, Vol. VIII, Number 1

Victorian Injury Surveillance System – Australia, Recommendations: Riding Recommendations: Ground
Editorial: Protective Vests, Health and Safety at Work in Equestrian Establishments, Editorial: Health and Safety at Work in Equestrian Establishments, North American Horsemen's Association Awards Four Year Grant to AMEA, Book Review: Fitness, Performance and the Female Equestrian, Book Review: The Total Rider, Safety in American Steeplechasing

February 1996 Newsletter

February 1996, Vol. VI, Number 1

Why Not Use A Bicycle Helmet for Horseback Riding? New Mexico Equestrian Safety Project Kicks Off "Wear a Helmet, Don't Horse Around" Hyperkalemic Periodic Paralysis: HyPP, The National Jockey Injury Study, Are Deer Warning Devices a Danger to Horses? SYSTEM TRAUMA REGISTER Nevada State Emergency Medical Services Incidents related to an animal being ridden or animal drawn vehicle

Winter 2003 - 2004 Newsletter

Winter 2003 - 2004 Vol. XV No 3

AMEA Founder Honored by United States Pony Clubs, Horse Related Injuries and Deaths in Western Montana, PART III: Choosing a Riding Facility, Safety Seminar held at U.S. Equestrian Meeting

December 2000 Newsletter

December 2000 (Volume XI, No. 4)

The Concussion Safety Program Computerized Neuropsychological Testing and the Use of IMPACT, Drusilla Malavase presented Ayer-Hammett Safety Award, Horse-related Deaths in Ohio, 1980-1998 and Plans to Make Roads Safer, A Riding Workout _ It's Not Just for the Horse, BOOK REVIEW
HORSEBACK RIDING: The Parent’s Guide, SURVEY RESULTS Masters of Foxhounds Association of America, Rider injury rates and emergency medical services at equestrian events, Immediate and Persistent Complete Heart Block fol

Winter-Spring 2011 Newsletter


Courtney King Dye: a Champion on Every Front, Teaching Safely Really Works, Protecting Mind and Body: Helmets and Safety Vests, New CPR Guidelines, A Zoonotic Threat A Case Study of MRSA, Humans, Horses, and Companion Animals, Helmet Safety Symposium, Survey Highlights Need for Equestrian Safety

Winter-Spring 2005-06 Newsletter

Winter – Spring 2005- 2006, Vol. XXVlll, Number 1

A New View: Bringing Sports Medicine to the Equestrian Athletes, “I’d Have Been Better Off With No Helmet” Reaching Out in California, Helmet Ratings and Prices, Drusilla E. Malavase Honored with
William F. Hulse Memorial Award, Recognizing a Stroke, Can I Borrow Your Horse? Kentucky Saddlebred Trainer Afflicted with Leukemia

Winter 2012 Newsletter

Winter 2012, Vol. XXV, Number 1

3rd Riders4Helmets Helmet Safety Symposium Report, Safety Thought, Producers should use caution when first blanketing a horse, Grand Prix golden helmet makes waves, E.E.E.E. — Your Way to Risk Management, A Brief History of Jump Safety, Air vests and ‘hybrids’ The latest advances in body protection for equestrians, The New Face of Modern Jousting

Winter 2009-10 Newsletter

Winter 2009 -10, Vol. XXll, Number 1

Stressing Safety in College Equine Programs, Delaware Valley College Equestrian Center DRESS CODE, National Electronic Injury Surveillance System Thirty Years of Records, University student shares PowerPoint presentation, Defining the “Return to Play” Rule and Recognizing Apparent Concussion

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