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Winter 2009 Newsletter

Winter 2009, Vol. XXl, Number 1

Concussion Management in Equestrian Sports, Development of Modern Equestrian Liability, Laws Involving Equestrian Safety Helmets, Topics Being Considered at ASTM F.08.53 Headgear and F.08.55 Body Padding Committees, Recreational Riders and Safety

Winter 2006-07 Newsletter

Winter 2006 -2007, Vol. XlX, Number 1

Sports Head Gear, Concussion Safe Return to Play Guidelines, Effect of equitation training on health and physical fitness of college females, GPA Helmets Purchased in Europe May Not Meet Required USEF Safety Standards, Why Not Ride Double with a Child?

Winter 2002 Newsletter

Winter 2002 - 2003, Vol. XIV, Number 4

AMEA/SRF Convention 2002 Recap, Pat Comeford Ayer-Hammett Award, AMEA/SRF Hall of Fame: Executive Director’s Awards 2002, Profiling Equestrians Injured in “At Home” Riding Accidents: Part III, United States Pony Club Accident Report 2001, Putting the Rubber to the Road: Incorporating Safety Information into Youth Horse Programs, What Stands Between a Child and An Accident? UVM Equine Students Pilot Equestrian First Aid and Safety Program

Summer 2011 Newsletter

Summer 2011, Vol. XXIV, Number 3

Broken Skull, Broken Heart, Horse accidents happen, Add an emergency contact designation, Safety & Survival are hot topics at Riders4Helmets Symposium, Helmet Education – Riding Instructors Can Do It, Too, Report from the 2nd Riders4Helmets Helmet Safety Symposium

Summer 2010 Newsletter

Summer 2010, Vol. XXIll Number 3

The dressage community ponders full-time use of safety helmets, Top Hat Turbulence THE LOOK: Is it changing? Should it change? Time for a new helmet? The Helmet Debate, A Jockey’s Perspective, Are you fully dressed without a top hat? The Hard Truth Looking at the helmet after the fall was the scariest all, Between Rounds A Case For The Head, Robin Hood Steals A Win At The Del Mar CDI, National Helmet Awareness Day A Great Success, What’s new in Helmets from Charles Owen, Phoenix and Troxel, A Statistical Review of the 2009 Eventing Year USEA/USEF Safety Report, Horse Safety Campaign Releases
New Brochure on Horse-Related Injuries

Summer 2009 Newsletter

Summer 2009, Vol. XXIl Number 2

Lessons from a Blood Sport, Equestrian injury prevention efforts need more attention to novice riders, Common Deficits in Safety Knowledge of Riding Instructors Seeking Certified Horsemanship Association Certification, UNITED STATES EQUESTRIAN FEDERATION A Statistical Review of the National Sport, Win with Helmet Hundred One determined Mom fights for safety, US Equestrian Federation Medical Requirement Rule Change

Summer 2007 Newsletter

Summer 2007, Vol. XlX Number 3

NTDB® data points: Horse sense, Different Death Percents Between 1981-1985 vs 2001-2005, Horseback Riding in Excessive Heat, The Equestrian as an Athlete: A View into Injuries and Incidence Rates

Summer 2004 Newsletter

Summer 2004, Vol. XlX Number 3

United States Pony Club 2002 Accident Report, Leading Causes of Accidents That Generate Litigation, Aging and Horseback Riding, An Epidemiological Look at Head Injuries in Young Female Horseback Riders, How Much Weight? Asphyxiation in Horse Trailers, How does CO harm you?

Summer 2003 Newsletter

Summer 2002, Vol. XV Number 1

Selecting a Safe Riding Instructor, Putting Educational Materials to the Test with a Barn Safety Evaluation, Safety Should Become Second Nature, Attitudes toward Equestrian Safety among North Carolinians, Elegant and Useful: A Side Saddle Primer, Getting Back into the “Side” Saddle:
Therapeutic Riding

Spring-Summer 2005 Newsletter

Spring - Summer 2005, Vol. XVll Number 1

The Concussion Discussion, Barrel Racer Joins Troxel Helmets in Promoting Head Protection and Equestrian Safety, Locking the Stable Door: Preventing Equestrian Injuries, The CRASH Trial Changes Views of Steroids in Head Injury, UPDATE: Commentary on Proposed Legislation Senate 2681 (2002), 2254 (2004), FACIAL INJURIES Dangers of horseback riding, A Brief History of Equestrian Helmet Use Rules in the U.S., What are some Key Signs and Symptoms of Concussion?

File Title Reference Description
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