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Spring 2011 Newsletter

Spring 2011, Vol. XXll Number 2

Equestrian Injuries and their Rehabilitation, Will You be the First to AID? IT ’S YOUR CHOI CE, Good Parenting Helps Youth to be Safe and Successful, Sports Parents: Your Support Makes All the Difference, Tetanus, Courtney Dye’s Gift, Skin Infection May Be MRSA, Dr. Richard Timms’ influence
on the helmet industry

Spring 2010 Newsletter

Spring 2010, Vol. XXl Number 2

The Official SCDCTA Buzzkill’s Response to Helmet Non-Believers! Holding A Horse, 11 Fire-Safety Precautions for Your Barn, Under Cover, Human Incidents and Injury within the Hippotherapy Milieu:
Four Years of Safety Study Data of Risk, Risk Management, and Occurrences

Spring 2008 Newsletter

Spring 2008, Vol. XX Number 1

EMSA Brings Helmet Questions to American Society for Testing and Materials International (ASTM), Summary of the USEF/USEA Safety Summit, Kentucky International Equine Summit, A Rolex Perspective, Current Topics at AST M Meetings, May 2008

September 2000 Newsletter

September 2000, Vol. XI, Number 3

Equestrian Headgear Standards, Trauma and the Veterinarian, Ohio Department of Transportation Study, 4-H Equestrian Helmet Use

September 1999 Newsletter

September 1999 (Volume X, No. 3)

September 1999 Table of Contents, Nutrition Advice for Your Riding Patients, Eating to Compete, How Safe Is Riding? Horse Riding Establishment Bylaw, Letters and Comments on Bylaw Enactment, Compensable Horse Related Injuries in Professionals, Approved vs. Non-Approved Riding Helmets in Competition Disciplines, The Importance of Protective Equipment, Irish Horse Riders Accidents

November 1997 Newsletter

November 1997 (Volume VIII, No. 3)

15-year Study of Rodeo Injuries, News of the AMEA , Safety Equipment Institute, Safety Summit, Development of Equestrian Sports Medicine, Helmet Life Span, Park Service Stable Concessionaires Survey, Horse-related Deaths, Sports-related Recurrent Brain Injuries, Management of Concussion

November 1996 Newsletter

November 1996 (Volume VI, No. 4)

Excerpts from FIT for RIDING, Aerobic Training v. Aerobics, USCT Statistics for 1990, 1991, 1993, 1995, The Stirrup Debate, 1995 NEISS Figures

November 1994 Newsletter

November 1994 (Volume IV, No. 4)

Parents Honor Son by Working for Safety, Horse-Related Fatalities in Alberta: 1975-1990, Horse-Related Injury Survey: Australia, Editorial Comment: Australian Survey, The New South Wales Study, Farm Horse Related Injury, A Horse of a Safer Color, Equestrian Safety in 4-H,Mandatory Helmet Usage in State 4-H Equestrian Programs, Editorial Comment: 4-H Programs, Asphyxiation in Horse Trailers, Safety Education Opportunities of Benefits Rides

November 1993 Newsletter

November 1993 (Volume III, No. 4)

November 1993 Table of Contents, Save Damaged Helmets, Nevada Trauma Register 1990-1992, Future of Safety Equipment in Equestrian Sports, National Electronic Injury Surveillance System, Women and Horses: What's It All About? Equestrian Weight Lifting and Strength Training, Equestrian Helmet Program

May 1998 Newsletter

May 1998 (Volume IX, No. 2)

Medical Personnel for Events, Emergency Service Personnel, Disaster Planning: Barn Safety,
The Value of Certification, Need for Tailored Equestrian Safety Education, Equestrian Injuries: A Survey in British Columbia, Canada

File Title Reference Description
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