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December 2000 Newsletter

December 2000, Vol. XI, Number 4

Computerized Neuropsychological Testing and the Use of IMPACT, Drusilla Malavase presented Ayer-Hammett Safety Award, SURVEY RESULTS Masters of Foxhounds Association of America, Rider injury rates and emergency medical services at equestrian events, Immediate and Persistent Complete Heart Block following a horse kick

December 1999 Newsletter

EMSA December 1999 (Volume X, No. 4)

New York's Riding Helmet Bill, The Developing Pediatric Equestrian Athlete, United States Pony Club's 1998 Accident Study, NEISS Horse-Related Injuries: Preliminary Figures for 1998

Autumn 2005 Newsletter

Vol XVII, 3

24-Stem Disaster Plan. Brief History of Helmet Use Rules in the US: Part II, Protect Your Horses, Use ICE, Importance of Wearing a Helmet, Safe Return to Play Guidelines, USEF Hurricane Relief Fund, Healing Invisible wounds: Caring for Yourself after Emotional Trauma

August 1997 Newsletter

August 1997 (Volume VIII, No. 2)

NEISS 1997 Horse Related Injuries, World Wide Web and Equestrian Information, AMEA Speakers Available, Performance Standard for Body Protectors, Horseback Riding in Excessive Heat, Flying Doctors of America ] [USPC Safety Committee Job Description, Safety Committees of Horse Organizations, National Monument Employees Required to Use Protective Headgrear

August 1996 Newsletter

EMSA May 1996 (Volume VI, No. 2)

Vaulting Safety and the Use of Protective Headgear, Peripheral Vision and Helmets, 1995 U.S. Pony Club Accident Study, More on Deer Whistles, N.M. Equestrian Helmet Training Project, Grading Scale for Concussion in Sports, NAHA Bodily Injury Damage Statistics Report

August 1995 Newsletter

EMSA August 1995 (Volume V, No. 3)

Cervical Fracture in Horseback Riding, Heat Illness, Horseback Riding-Related Traumatic Brain Injuries, NEISS Total Injured in Recreational Sports, NSC Accident Facts: 1994 Edition, The Development of Competency Guidelines, Competency Guidelines: A Job for the 21st Century?

August 1994 Newsletter

EMSA August 1994 (Volume IV, No. 3)

The New Equine Liability Statutes, Equestrian Helmet Campaign Meeting, Update on New York State Horse-Related Deaths, North Carolina Medical Examiner Reports 1983-1992: Horse-Related Deaths

August 1993 Newsletter

EMSA August 1993 (Volume III, No. 3)

The Danger of Heat Injury, Conditioning for the Equestrian Athlete, Risk Factors of Head and Neck Injuries in Equestrian Activities, Why Not Ride Double With a Child on a Horse? Equestrian Accidents in the United Kingdom. Jockey Injuries, AMEA Protective Vest Survey, Body Protectors

April 1995 Newsletter

EMSA April 1995 (Volume V, No. 2)

Sensation Seeking and Participation in Equestrian Sports, The Study of Thrill Seeking Among Equestrians, Courageous or Thrill Seekers: Which Are We? Safety Dilemmas, The Day the Peacock Stirrup Saved My Life

2009 Newsletter (v3)


Horse Related Hospital Emergency Room Admissions, 2008
Florida Legislature Passes Equestrian Helmet Law
Return to Play Guidelines for Concussed Child Athletes
Fit a Safety Vest
Inherent Risk in Horse Racing
Horse Related Hospital Emergency Room Admissions, 2008

File Title Reference Description
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