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Increase Comfort, Reduce Risk: The Bitless Bridle

Fall 2014

A review of the harmful effects of bits on equine behavior, gaits and balance,
together with some thoughts on increasing horse comfort to decrease rider risk.

  • Popular Press Article

A comprehensive, targeted approach to the clinical care of athletes following sports-related concussion.

Michael Collins, Anthony P. Kontos, Erin Reynolds, Christopher D. Murawski, Freddie H. Fu; published online Springer; EMSA newsletter, Winter-Spring 2014

Concussion, mild-traumatic brain injury, neurocognitive testing, return to play.

  • Scientific Article

Helmets in Sport: Fact and Fallacy

Matthew R. Gammons, MD, American College of Sports Medicine; EMSA newsletter Winter-Spring 2014

Helmet study

  • Scientific Article

17 Essentials for Eventing

Practical Horseman magazine article (permission received); EMSA newsletter; Summer 2014

New safety gear.

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Fires and Tornadoes

Pat Maykuth, PhD; EMSA newsletter; Summer 2014

Advice to horse owners re preparation for fires and tornadoes.

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Hurricanes, Floods and Horses

Deborah Stanitski, MD; EMSA newsletter; Summer 2014

Horse owner preparation for hurricanes and floods.

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Online Disaster Resources

EMSA newsletter; Summer 2014

Help links for disaster preparation.

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President's Letter

Deborah F. Stanitski, MD; EMSA newsletter; Summer 2014

Focus on disaster preparation for horse owners.

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Planning Ahead: Horse Owners and Disaster Preparedness

Jessica Jahiel, PhD; EMSA newsletter, Summer 2014

Advice on disaster preparedness.

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Preparing your farm in case of disaster


Visuals for preparation of farm animals for disaster

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Displaying 21 - 30 of 78 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8