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USPC Safety Booklet

US Pony Club

An excellent resource for safety around horses, stables, during travel and at gatherings. Contains a safety plan, instructions on helmet fit, guidelines for heat stress and concussion assessment.

CDC Concussion & Return to Play

Center for Disease Control & Prevention

Baseline step of the Return to Play Progression

CDC Return to Play Progression


CDC recommendations about Return to Play post concussion

Pony Club Safety Information Packet

US Pony Club

Check lists for travel.

Equine Long Range Disaster Planning

Eldon Reyer Talk at EMSA meeting Fort Worth, TX December 2014

Concrete steps for making a disaster and evacuation plan for your horse

Concussion Discharge Instructions

The Concussion Clinic of Children's of Alabama

Directions for signs, symptoms, Dos and Don'ts for post concussion follow up

FEI Concussion Palm Card


Field tool for concussion recognition in the field

Parents and Coaches Guide to Dehydration and Other Heat Illnesses in Children

National Athletic Trainers Association

Guidelines for parents and coaches of children who play sports in hot weather

In Case of Fire Evacuation

Eldon Reyer New Mexico Horseman's Association and EMSA Presentation Fort worth TX, Dec 2014

How to prepare for caring for your horse in a fire emergency

Rider Nutrition 101 for Life & Sport

EMSA presentation at USEA annual meeting December 2016

Multiple board certified specialist physician and a Certified culinary Medicine Specialist gave an Insightful, informative and practical discussion of nutritional requirements for the riding athlete and the work-a-day rider who balance life and horses

File Title Reference Description
Displaying 1 - 10 of 17 1 2