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Equestrian Medical Safety Association Winter Newsletter

After a mild start to winter, the EMSA’s Newsletter with its Winter Weather Plan Including Horses was published just before the blizzard of record hit the central Atlantic states. There are helpful tips for preparing, enduring and recovering from winter storms. One thing is...

Winter Storm Plan

There are few things more discussed among horse folks than the weather. The constant variability directly influences our daily routines. When weather turns extreme, we need to be prepared and take action. While so far the winter has been mild for most of the US, there is no...

Eldon Reyer to Speek at Annual Meeting

Renowned horseman, park ranger and fire and evacuation planner, Eldon Reyer  will speak at the EMSA meeting held in conjunction with the US Eventing Association Convention in Fort Worth, TX on December 6, 2014 at 8:30 am. His topic is Equine Long Range Disaster/Emergency...